The scientific cooperation foundation, PremUp, initiated by government authorities is expanding into a network of type III maternity units and neonatology services working in close collaboration with laboratories and approved research units in the area of perinatal care.

Reseau PremUp
Everybody, founder members and network stakeholders, through their human, material and financial support make possible the exceptional collective action of researchers, carers, trainers, partners and volunteers in the network.
The PremUp network has recently been reinforced with the addition of:
  • IPGG Logo  The Pierre-Gilles Institute at Gennes (P Tabeling’s team).
  • Nancy logo The Perinatal Centre at Nancy and the associated research teams represented by the women’s centre (director - Prof. Olivier Morel), the neonatology service (director - Prof. JM Hascouet) and the following research organisations: CIC-IT Nancy 1433 (director - J Felblinger), INSERM U947 Centre (adaptive and interventional diagnostic imaging, director - J Felblinger), INSERM U954 Centre (Genetic and environmental risks exposure, director - JL Guéant). 

Health Network

  • Robert Debré Hospital ( foetopathology )
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics : Pr Jean-François Oury
Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Pr Olivier Baud
  • Antoine Béclère/Clamart Hospital
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics:  Pr Alexandra Benachi
Department of Pediatrics and Neonatal Resuscitation: Pr Danieli de Luca
  • Armand Trousseau Hospital
Department of Obstetrics: Pr Gilles Kayem
Department of Diagnostic antenatal and fetal medicine: Pr Jean-Marie Jouannic
Department of Neonatology: Pr Delphine Mitanchez
  • Bicêtre Hospital
Department of Obstetrics Gynecology:Pr Hervé Fernandez
Pediatric intensive care unit: Pr Pierre Tissières
  • Cochin Port-Royal Hospital
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics: Pr François Goffinet
Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Pr Pierre-Henri Jarreau
  • Créteil Intercommunal Hospital Centre (CHIC)
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics:Pr Bassam Haddad
Neonatology Service: Pr Gilles Dassieu

Research Network

  • Inserm unit 1141, Paris Diderot
Neuroprotection of Brain Development - Protect
  • Inserm unit 1139, Paris Descartes (Sorbonne Paris Cité)
Pathophysiology and pharmacotoxicology Human Placental
  • Inserm unit 1153, Sorbonne Paris Cité (University Paris Descartes)
EPOPé Team: Obstetric Epidemiology Perinatal and Pediatric
  • Inserm unit 1018, Paris-Sud
Team 10: Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Inserm unit 1142, Pierre and Marie Curie (UMPC) and Paris-Nord
Laboratory medical information and engineering knowledge in eHealth (LIMICS)
  • Inserm Unit 1123 Paris Diderot
Clinical epidemiology and economic valuation of vulnerable populations
  • Inserm Unit 693 - South Paris
Steroid receptors, Endocrine and Metabolic Pathophysiology
  • Inserm Unit 872, Pierre and Marie Curie (UMPC)
Team: Nutrition and obesity - Centre des Cordeliers
  • Clinical Investigation Center (CIC1426), Paris Diderot
CIC Robert Debré
  • CNRS UMR 8122, Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR)
Endogenous retroviruses unit and elements retroid higher eukaryotes
  • UMR INRA 1198
Team: Developmental Biology and Reproduction
  • Inserm Unit 938 - Pierre and Marie Curie (UMPC)
Team: development, growth, differentiation and tumor - St Antoine Research Center
  • IRD UMR 216 Paris Descartes
Mother and child face to tropical infections
  • CNRS UMR 5141 - Telecom ParisTech
Team: Processing and Interpretation of Images (TII)