Everything you need to know about the scientific cooperation Foundation PremUp.

The PremUp fondation  

Created in 2007, the PremUp Foundation is a national multidisciplinary and collaborative network

for perinatal research and care (28,000 births per year).



The PremUp Foundation for Scientific Cooperation is recognised as promoting the public interest. Its striking force resides in its unrivalled capacity to unite the powers of excellence and boundary pushing in research, and from different disciplines, in the service of a common cause, as well as healthcare professionals who care for mothers and babies.

At the same time, the Foundation is working to give new visibility and recognition to this theme of perinatal care which are vital to getting the support of all stakeholders in society for a genuine policy of prevention.

The Direction of the Foundation is composed of:

President: Philippe Evrard 
Director: Pierre Gressens
Assistant Director: Sophie GIL
Treasurer:Stéphane PARDOUX

A permanent operational team ensures its function.

Sophie Potier
General Secretary 
00 33 1 76 53 55 42

Safia Souhila SIYOUCEF
Clinical Project Manager
00 33 1 76 53 55 44
Scientific Coordinator Perinat Collection
00 33 1 76 53 55 44
Sophie GIL
Scientific Coordinator Placentech
00 33 1 76 53 55 47
Technical Manager Placentech
00 33 1 76 53 55 47

The founders behind PremUp

An unprecedented grouping of key players in public health has led to all the necessary strengths and expertise needed to fill the gaps in knowledge of perinatal care. The AP-HP (Paris Hospitals), Inserm, IRD (Research Institute for Development), CHIC, as well as the great Île-de-France area universities Paris-Descartes, Paris-Diderot, UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and Paris-Sud are behind this innovative structure. It enables better cooperation between the different specialities, clinical research and basic research.

The PremUp committees

The Steering Committee is responsible for the scientific organisation of the foundation. It has the power to make proposals to the Board of Directors, particularly through ComEx, which emanated from the steering committee.

International Scientific Council is consulted on key approaches. It is composed of 10 leading French and foreign scientific figures, external to the Foundation.

The Finance and Accounts Committee suggests policy and financial investment recommendations to the PremUp directors. It is comprised of the treasurer, the President and three experts in the field.

The Investment Committee validates all commitment to spending greater than €100,000, on the basis of a case made by the Director of Administration.

The Audit and Compliance Committee analyses the risks that the foundation is subjected to, and ensures that the organisation and its procedures take risk prevention into account. It is comprised of the treasurer and two audit experts.

The Strategy Committee  has the role of monitoring the progress of the Foundation’s strategic plan, of establishing a map of risks and a system for their prevention. It meets once a year and is comprised of the president, the director and assistant director.

The Ethics Committee is comprised of five members appointed by the Board of Directors at the suggestion of the founding members for a period of five years. These members are designated intuitu personae (having exclusive personal contracts) due to their expertise in medical and scientific ethics in the Foundation’s areas of activity

The Board of Directors approves strategic approaches and the development and administrative policies of the Foundation. It is composed of 18 members.