The Perinat Collection® is a biological data bank whose aim is to accelerate research in perinatal care.

Perinat Collection® is a tool which collects, preserves and makes use of large collections of foetal and perinatal biological samples which are documented and linked to clinical and imaging data regarding pregnant women and new born babies.

These data come from different maternity units and neonatal services in the PremUp Foundation network. This permits centralised, controlled access which is available to the national, European and international scientific community.

Biological collections (serum, DNA, amniotic fluid, tissue and cell samples of the placenta and foetal brain) are stored in a local Biological Resource Centre (CRB).

The computerised data bank is accessible online. It comprises a web application which allows access to clinical data which have been integrated via an upload platform and two electronic CRFs (for mothers and newborn babies) each containing more than 400 items. The data are exported to the Perinat Collection platform. A service for SFTP and medical imaging and visualisation is also in place.

A set of advanced functions enables the PremUp administrator to control access rights and to accommodate the requests of different users (Doctors, CRA, manufacturer...).

Organisation de Perinat Collection