The biological sample collections are provided by different maternity units and neonatology services in the PremUp Foundation network (28,000 births per year).
The Perinat Collection® comprises:
  • A collection of mother/child biological clinical data.
  • A collection of ultrasound images from pregnant women.
The biological collections generally comprise: 
  • Tissue and cell samples specifically from the brains of foetuses and deceased newborn babies.
  • Tissue and biological samples specifically from placentas, held centrally on the PremUp Placentech platform.
  • Generic perinatal mother-child biological samples: serum, DNA, amniotic fluid…
The scientific interest of the Perinat Collection® database rests with establishing relationships between the data about the health of the mother and her child(ren) in order to assess the impact of a factor or a condition on the state of health of the child.
List of available collections:
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